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  • Bankruptcy for the Elderly

    Some of the most tragic cases handled by Denver bankruptcy attorneys involve senior citizens. Once on a fixed income, our older residents become more vulnerable to increases in taxes, reductions in benefits, predatory lending practices, and high interest rates. And, of course, we are all just one medical crisis away from financial catastrophe thanks to the astronomical cost of medical care.

    Pride is another barrier that too often keeps older residents from seeking help. At The Law Office of Andrew McKenna, we understand. It hasn’t been that long since many looked at bankruptcy as a last resort – as a safety net for those whose personal failings led to financial ruin. Of course, those were also the days of neighborhood bankers, or interest on savings accounts, of affordable medical care, strong unions and living wages.

    Today, predatory lending and corporate greed have left far too many Americans with nowhere to turn. Through no fault of their own, they are unable to make ends meet. Banks, mortgage brokers and credit card companies provide a lifeline as long as there is profit in it for them and a consumer fits the risk profile. Once that vein is tapped and the consumer is hopelessly buried in debt – that lifeline disappears. Leaving only despair.

    Denver Bankruptcy and Retirement

    There are any number of reasons older residents find themselves in need of bankruptcy protection, including:

    • Medical Bills
    • Bad Real Estate Debt – Reverse Mortgage Deals
    • Credit Card Debt
    • Scams and Fraud
    • Negative Cashflow & Fixed Incomes

    After a lifetime of hard work, our older residents deserve to enjoy themselves in retirement. Yet money problems too often lead to stress, depression and a reduced quality of life. Reverse mortgages or credit cards are used to pick up the slack. And the cycle repeats itself. Too often, worries about endangering retirement prevent them from seeking bankruptcy help. In reality, filing for bankruptcy protection can secure their retirement and reduce the stress and pressure that too often result from dealing with unmanageable debt.

    Protecting Retirement through Colorado Bankruptcy

    Our Denver bankruptcy lawyers take pride in the work we do on behalf of all our clients – and we are committed to continuing our work informing seniors about their rights under the law. A retirement in debt can be a retirement wasted. Seeking protection can permit you to enjoy your golden years. The law offers many protections to those in retirement, including:

    • Protection of up to $60,000 in home equity.
    • Vehicle allowance.
    • Protection of all retirement funds in IRAs, 401Ks and other protected accounts.
    • Protection of pension funds.
    • Protection of Social Security benefits.

    If you are a retiree struggling to make ends meet, please give us a call today to discuss your rights. Don’t let debt worries erode your quality of life in retirement.

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