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  • Judgments and Filing for Bankruptcy in Colorado

    When a creditor is left unpaid, a default judgment may be sought and obtained through the court; this can lead to garnished wages or a lien being placed on your property.

    The Denver bankruptcy attorneys The Law Office of Andrew McKenna understand the stress and anger that can come when faced with a judgment or garnished wages. A default judgment occurs if you fail to respond to court action taken by a creditor attempting to collect a debt. In other words, the creditor wins by default. Once obtained, a creditor can seek a writ of garnishment for up to 25 percent of your take home pay. A creditor may also attempt to seize your bank accounts or to place a lien on your home.

    Filing for bankruptcy in Colorado will immediately stop creditor actions. Lawsuits, phone calls and garnishments will stop. Your income and your property will be under the protection of the court. And you will be back in the driver’s seat.

    Liens and Judgments in Bankruptcy

    Dealing with judgments and liens is a complex process best handled by an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Colorado.

    • Bankruptcy can eliminate the debt you owe a creditor, even once a judgment against you has been obtained.
    • However, if a creditor has obtained a lien against your property, bankruptcy will not automatically shed the lien; your attorney needs to file a Motion to Avoid Judgment Lien. This will permit you to avoid a lien on your home up to the permitted exemption amount of $60,000.

    A Colorado bankruptcy lawyer is best able to protect your rights before liens are attached to your property. Seeking bankruptcy protection at an earlier stage will force such creditors to get in line behind everyone else. Liens that exist before bankruptcy filing generally survive the discharge issued by the bankruptcy court. In some cases, liens attached within 90 days of filing can be set aside – making it critical that you speak with an experienced bankruptcy law firm without delay.

    In either case, dealing with liens and judgments requires an experienced law firm. Failure to handle such cases properly can leave you liable for the debt and unable to seek bankruptcy protection again for years.

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