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  • Who Can Find Out About My Colorado Bankruptcy?

    Who Can Find Out About My Colorado Bankruptcy?

    There was a time when some associated a negative stigma to filing for bankruptcy in Colorado. The economic downturn, the continued predatory lending practices of banks, mortgages and credit card companies, and the astronomical cost of medical care, have eliminated the social concerns many have with seeking bankruptcy protection.

    The Denver bankruptcy lawyers at The Law Office of Andrew McKenna understand that many residents feel filing for bankruptcy means they have failed. Relax. The hardest part is behind you. Reaching out for help means you are already on the road to a brighter future. In many cases, not even relatives or close friends will know you have filed for bankruptcy. While it’s true the information is public – it can be found on databases or within the bowels of the court system – the truth of the matter is your reputation is at most risk from being hounded by bad debt, with possible court filings, collections calls to home or work and the associated damage to your credit rating. Filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Denver means:

    • Collection agencies and creditors must immediately stop hassling you – no more letters, no more phone calls at home or work.
    • Garnishment of wages and foreclosure actions will stop.
    • Together (in the newfound peace and quiet) you and your attorney can work together to decide how best to deal with your financial situation.
    • In many cases, you can keep your house and car (whether you should is something to discuss with your attorney).

    Dealing with Bankruptcy in Denver

    The truth of the matter is that a record number of consumers are seeking bankruptcy protection in Colorado and across the nation.

    More than 15,000 Colorado residents filed for bankruptcy during the first six months of 2011 – three-quarters of those lived in the Denver area. A total of 32,509 bankruptcies in Colorado were filed in 2010, according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado.  Before the downturn, just 9,741 cases were filed in 2006.

    In most cases, a potential loan officer, employer or landlord is much more likely to look negatively upon unsatisfied bad debt and collection actions than on a bankruptcy that is quickly fading in the rearview mirror. By discharging debt through bankruptcy in Denver, you are giving yourself the fresh start needed to once again seize control of your finances.

    Common myths about Colorado bankruptcy

    • Everyone will know: In fact, almost no one will know. Being chased by creditors is much more likely to come to someone’s attention than the fact that you filed bankruptcy.
    • I’ll lose everything: In reality, many people are able to keep their house, their car, their clothes and personal items and the tools of their trade. You are as likely, if not more likely, to lose assets through creditor liens and seizures if you do not take advantage of bankruptcy protection to deal with your financial problems.
    • I won’t be able to get credit: Credit card loans and car loans are often available immediately after a bankruptcy is discharged. True, you may pay more in interest than someone with good credit. But you may also pay less than you would have before bankruptcy – if you could get a loan at all. Mortgages are usually available to those who have filed bankruptcy in as little as two years. After a bankruptcy is discharged, many lenders will view you as a better risk – after all, you have little or no debt. Your credit rating will also begin to improve provided you take the necessary steps to become a responsible consumer.

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